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Firewalls and Security
Having a firewall is vital to your business. Keeping intruders out is a must. There is no need for strangers peaking around on your network. We can help you implement a firewall giving you the comfort in knowing it's only you and your organization on corporate network.
What is a Firewall? and How can it help protect your business
A good firewall provides protection from prying eyes. It stops thieves and intruders from accessing your computer, laptop, workstation or server.

A firewall also prevents confidential information from being sent out from your computer without your permission. This could be your passwords, bank details and other personal information.
What does a Firewall do?
A firewall protects your computer from intrusion by hackers while it is connected to the Internet. A firewall examines electronic data coming in or out of a computer or network and compares it to the rules it has been given. If the data matches the rules, it's allowed to pass. If it doesn't, it is blocked. Our CIS technicians are experts at configuring firewall rules to match your seen or unseen business operations.
Protecting your businesses information is CIS's number one priority!
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